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About Us

Finanli is short for Financial Literacy


Our Mission: To help people take action towards financial wellness

Our Vision: To create a world where everyone is healthier and happier financially

We all want a better financial future, but have a difficult time making progress. We're here to change that.

We partner with a team of money coaches and financial experts to provide you with your own personalized financial wellness roadmap. 


We will help you take action towards your financial goals, feel more in control, and gain confidence through personalized coaching and education.


Finanli, healthier and happier financial you!

Our Team

Do well by doing good.

We are a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation focused on promoting innovation in the financial education of women and the economic empowerment of women.


Why a Public Benefit Corporation?
We want to build a successful startup and use our success as a force for good. We believe that we can make a significant impact towards a cause that we're passionate about, while thriving as a business.


Why women?
We believe financial wellness is important for both men and women. However, the gender wealth gap is significant, progress on closing the gender wealth gap is slow, and the impact of the pandemic has hit women harder than men. For every dollar a white man owns, an average woman owns 32 cents. The gender wealth gap will continue to be wide unless we make progress in closing the gender pay gap and gender investing gap.

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