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About Us

Finanli is your personal money coach in your pocket to help you calm your money stress and build a healthier relationship with money.


Getting good with money is not just about how much you know, but also understanding the emotions and behavioral science behind money. We help you focus on your relationship and mindset around money, learn about common challenges, and how to overcome them. Learn the basic building blocks towards a sound financial future, regardless of where you are in your financial journey.​


You + Money

Get clarity around your money and your options

Personal finance basics - Learn about personal finance basics they forgot to teach you in school. We break down each concept without complicated technical jargons, into easy to understand and bite-sized lessons. After all, it’s in our name. Finanli is short for Financial Literacy.

Build confidence - Build confidence by learning about money topics that you always wished you knew more about, gaining clarity on your financial situation, and taking action towards a better financial future.

Behavioral science behind money - Understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and why you’re not doing what you should be doing. Access coaching content for common challenges we face around money and how to overcome them.

Guided actionable steps - Gain clarity on your options and take guided steps towards taking control of your finances and taking action towards your financial goals and dreams.

Healthier habits - Learn to incorporate healthier habits towards a healthier and happier financial life. 

Community - Connect with like-minded community members to learn and grow together. ​


Build Confidence

Learn about money topics you always wanted to know more about

Who is Finanli recommended for?

  • you want to take action towards financial freedom, but don't know where to start.

  • you have this constant nagging feeling that you need to get your financial life in order.

  • you want to stress less about money.

  • you want to learn about personal finance basics.

  • you’re scared to start investing.

  • you feel embarrassed to talk about your finances.

  • you feel intimidated about getting your financial life sorted out.

  • you feel like your financial life is out of control.

Who is Finanli not recommended for?

  • you are looking for a way to get rich quickly.

  • you're not ready to put in the effort.

  • you feel confident, in control, and comfortable with your finances.


Take Action

Take guided action towards your dreams and goals

Do well by doing good.

We are a Delaware Public Benefit Corporation focused on promoting innovation in the financial education of women and the economic empowerment of women.


Why a Public Benefit Corporation?
We want to build a successful startup and use our success as a force for good. We believe that we can make a significant impact towards a cause that we're passionate about, while thriving as a business.


Why women?
We believe financial wellness is important for both men and women. However, the gender wealth gap is significant, progress on closing the gender wealth gap is slow, and the impact of the pandemic has hit women harder than men. For every dollar a white man owns, an average woman owns 32 cents. The gender wealth gap will continue to be wide unless we make progress in closing the gender pay gap and gender investing gap.


Finanli, healthier and happier financial you!

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