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Financial Advisor

A financial advisor is a professional who provides guidance and advice to you on financial matters. They can help clients make decisions about how to manage their money, invest in assets, plan retirement, and minimize financial risks.

Financial advisors come in many forms and can specialize in areas such as investment management, retirement planning, estate planning, tax planning, insurance and risk management. They may work with financial institutions or operate as independent consultants. 

The role of a financial advisor is to assess your financial situation, goals and risk tolerance in order to develop a customized financial plan that addresses your needs. They will monitor and adjust the plan as necessary, providing you ongoing advice as your financial situation changes.

A human financial advisor will provide you a more personal touch. A financial advisor is good if you have a complex financial situation and you want to work with someone with a particular expertise.

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Is the Financial Advisor approach right for you?

Human financial advisor may be best if:


  • your financial situation is complex; and

  • you're willing to pay a premium investment management fee for more engaging human interaction, personalization, and advice.

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How to choose a Financial Advisor

Due to the range of services that a financial advisor is able to provide, make sure you understand that they are not all equal.  If you are want a financial advisor for investment management, consider the following:

  • Is the person a fiduciary (which means she/he has a legal duty to act in the best interest for you)?

  • Do they have the proper credentials or certifications?

  • How is their fee structured and do you understand it?

  • Do you understand their investing philosophy or strategy?

  • When you meet with them, do they explain things to you clearly or properly answer your questions?

  • Will they provide you all the services you want or expect?

  • Most importantly, do you like them? This will be someone you get very personal with and it is important to like your financial advisor.

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