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Survey Results

As part of our design process, we surveyed over 400 individuals to understand their financial priorities, emotions, and challenges. Here are some highlights of the survey results. 

One thing we've learned while building Finanli is that many feel that they're alone in their financial journey. Based on what we see on social media and IRL, it looks like everyone has their financial life together. This makes us hesitant to talk about money since we don't want to embarrass ourselves.

As you look through some of the results below, you may be surprised that many of us are a work in progress towards financial wellness. Hope you find these results insightful and hope you feel less alone as a result!

70% of our respondents want a better financial future

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56% of our respondents want to stop worrying so much about money

52% of our respondents want to be more in control with their finances

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49% of our respondents want to be able to spend their money without guilt or fear

50% of our respondents don't have an emergency fund with at least 3 months of their expenses saved

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Top 3 money habits our respondents wish they were better at

  • Saving

  • Investing

  • Spending less

67% of our respondents wish they knew more about investing

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49% of our respondents wish they knew more about planning for their retirement

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